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Priority Camping Gear You Shouldn’t Leave Behind


Camping can be much fun. It involves a departure from the usual sites, sounds and routine ways of doing things at home. When you go out camping you are in anticipation of the new experiences that you and your group members are going to go through. You contemplate about: cooking in the open, lighting bonfires at night, hiking and possibly swimming. All these anticipated fun can however be compromised by failure to have the necessary camping gear for your cherished out door activity. Proper planing and knowledge about crucial camping gear is vital for a memorable camping experience. Some tips on the gears you ensure you ought have in your package come in handy.


There a many situations that will certainly need you to have a good camping rope, more so if you can tie different kinds of knots. The rope can be used to actually tow people who find themselves in tight situations when hiking or swimming. It will also come in handy as a clothes line to hang or wet garments hang your wet cloths. Simply said: just don’t go camping without a rope.

Bungee cords or wire

Primarily these cords are used to hold the tent poles together. But their use is not limited to this.For a camper you will find dozens of uses for these cords. You can wrap these cords around tarps, tents and sleeping bags to keep under necessary control when they are folded or rolled up. You will also use them to secure the luggage in your recreational vehicle.



For a memorable and enjoyable camping activity take time to plan. Take stock of the critical camping gear that you need for your out door activity. Make a list and cross check as you pack and load your camping loads; ensure no vital camping gear is left behind. Top in your list should be the: Rope, Multipurpose knife/ Multi tool, Lantern and Flashlights